Unique, inspired, handcrafted jewelry.

Here at Moonstruck Design, we design and create  unique jewelry pieces made of gemstones, ceramic and various metals to offer one-of-a-kind wearable art that you will treasure for a lifetime.​  

Erika Lynden - Artist, Designer and Owner 

"Since childhood, I’ve had a love of the natural world and its infinite displays of beauty,” says Erika Lynden, a self-proclaimed 'rock dork' and 'jewelry junkie.'  Erika's passion and understanding of color might be likened to an accomplished painter, but instead of oils, she "paints" with gemstones and metal. “Using natural stones in the foundation of my work keeps both myself, and the pieces grounded.” 

But Erika describes her wanderlust, frequent travels, and life-long love of the arts as her inspiration to create wearable art with a wild, and free essence. "Travel, aesthetics, food, music, feelings and emotions — things that infuse my inspiration are paramount in my creative flow." 

"I treasure the idea of creating beautiful, wearable art as a way for people to personally express themselves as unique individuals,” says Erika Lynden.  Drawing inspiration from the tranquil shores of Lake Erie, the beauty of Hilton Head Island, and the quiet radiance of the moon, Erika creates few-of-a-kind or one-of-a-kind designs as unique and brilliant as the world around her. "Each endeavor is a thoughtful creation. I believe the joy and  the true gift of jewelry is originality and making someone feel special and unique. I hope you enjoy the timeless jewelry designs as much as I enjoy crafting them."



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